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Vibration Control - Proven and Guaranteed

Our services in Dynamic Balancing and Mechanical Faultfinding Diagnostics (MFD) will make great improvements to the operation of your aircraft fleet in four ways:

1.    Knowledge and experience: Our services will give your most inexperienced maintenance personnel more than 30 years of combined vibration expertise, leading to safer and smoother mechanics.

2.    Aircraft Readiness: Downtime leads into unwanted expense.  Aircraft that have received the benefits of Vibe Tech’s vibration analysis solutions are in the air more often, and sooner.

3.    Increased Longevity of Aircraft: When Vibe Tech’s solutions are applied to your aircraft, the life of your investment is directly affected.

4.    Economic Effectiveness: The fact is, Vibe Tech’s proprietary solutions lead to:

·         A reduction in the unnecessary replacement of parts

·         Increased fuel efficiency

·         Protection of expensive avionics

·         No more wasted man-hours on unnecessary troubleshooting

International Vibration Technology has provided consultation, training and other services to international and national companies and government agencies, including every branch of the United States military, NATO forces, many federal and state government agencies and numerous police and rescue organizations.  Our engineering staff is leaders in their respective fields.  Our owner, Mr. Norman Serrano, received a designation as Subject Matter Expert for the United States Air Force on vibration issues.

International Vibration Technology takes pride in its ability to provide innovative solutions for complex problems where standard and traditional procedures fail.  Vibe Tech differs from all conventional vibration control systems in four essential ways.

1.    Sensor Location: We can use conventional sensor locations for dynamic balancing.  However, placing sensors in additional locations allows Vibe Tech to offer complete Mechanical Faultfinding Diagnostics (MFD).

2.    Engine Runs: Fewer engine starts and run-up time is required for data collection protocol, and oftentimes 70% percent less adjustments are necessary for dynamic balancing.  Vibe Tech arrives at a solution in less time than conventional means.

3.    Advanced Mathematical Algorithms: Vibe Tech’s data collection process uses advanced mathematical refining algorithms and complex protocols to formulate a working solution for the specific aircraft involved.  These algorithms adapt to adjustments made during the balancing process – enabling us to provide on average a vibration solution to 0.03 inches per second (ips) or less.  In fact, International Vibration Technology has set a new vibration standard of 0.1 ips or less in the Experimental Helicopter Industry and in the Untied States Air Force.

4.    Mechanical Faultfinding Diagnostics (MFD): Vibe Tech can find mechanical faults wherever they may exist.  We can diagnose blade faults, hub component faults and other weaknesses.  This technique allows significant savings by avoiding unnecessary replacement of parts and wasted man-hours in troubleshooting.

Our goal is to provide you with the solutions that make for more efficient flight, while improving you’re overall SAFETY, increasing your aircraft Readiness and minimizing unnecessary expenditures.

Our advanced mathematical self-refining software, Vibration Intelligent Balance Solution (VIBS), offer you the ability to apply our proprietary services to your existing data collection systems.  This also enables us to provide technical assistance via communication from distant locations, either by computer transmission of solutions or phone confirmations.  In fact, we have assisted maintenance personal, from around the globe, by personal communications during the tracking and balancing process.