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Products - we only do one thing - Vibration Control - and we do it well.

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IVT Presentation - Vibration Control

Vibration is significantly controlled through Vibe Tech's patented technology.  The aviation, boating, automotive racing and other industries dealing with rotating components are significantly impacted by the effects of vibration.  It costs these industries millions of dollars in maintenance and repair.  Vibe Tech reduces the amount of stress on equipment, allowing more efficient operation, which saves our customers time, effort and money.  We guarantee it.

Our goal is to provide you with the solutions that make for more efficient flight, while improving you’re overall SAFETY, increasing your aircraft Readiness and minimizing unnecessary expenditures.

Our advanced mathematical self-refining software, Vibration Intelligent Balance Solution (VIBS), offer you the ability to apply our proprietary services to your existing data collection systems.  This also enables us to provide technical assistance via communication from distant locations, either by computer transmission of solutions or phone confirmations.  In fact, we have assisted maintenance personal, from around the globe, by personal communications during the tracking and balancing process.  Data collecting is what THEY do.  Providing the appropriate solution is what WE do.