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The Solution


 International Vibration Technology, LLC. is a veteran owned American  company specializing in the detection, measurement, analysis and correction of vibration on aircraft, speedboats, racing automobiles and other high performance vehicles.  The company’s vast experience in providing solutions to civilian and military aircraft spans the globe.  We have been called on to provide our services throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, England, Italy, Australia, and the Middle East.

Our engineering staff are leaders in their respective fields.  Our owner, Mr. Norman Serrano, was designated as Subject Matter Expert for the United States Air Force on vibration issues.  We have performed our services for the U. S. and NATO military forces, many federal and state government agencies and numerous police, rescue and off-shore oil organizations; and many NASCAR teams and other racing organizations, and much more.


What is vibration?

Many aviators are so accustomed to the feel of vibration; they seldom realize it is occurring until it reaches an uncomfortable level.  Most rotary aircraft manufacturers have autocratically determined that 0.2 inches per second (ips) is an acceptable level of vibration to balance to, so most A & P mechanics simply bring it to that level or just less and put the aircraft back on line.

The 0.2 ips standard was established in the 1960’s, using antiquated equipment incapable of measuring to a more refined point.  While modern equipment can now measure vibration well below 0.2 ips, the time required to get to a lower level makes it prohibitive.

Vibration at 0.2 ips is not acceptable.  International Vibration Technology, LLC. provides on average a vibration solution to 0.03 ips or less.  In fact, International Vibration Technology, LLC has set a new vibration standard of 0.1 ips or less in the Experimental Helicopter Industry and the United States Air Force.  Our average solutions typically take less time to arrive at than it normally takes to smooth to the 0.2 ips standards.

 Why does it matter?

Vibration is a result of the inefficient transfer of energy, which decreases aircraft performance.  While 0.2 ips vibration may have been acceptable on older aircraft; today’s modern machines are made of sophisticated composite materials, have complex avionics systems, and are airborne for greater periods of time.

What Do We Do Differently?

International Vibration Technology, LLC. is not interested in changing anyone’s current vibration monitoring and data collection system.  Our proprietary applications can actually use much of the data supplied by many different brands of balancing equipment.  Our process will take these “balancing program model that fits all” technologies, which produce the wrong solutions 50% - 80% of the time, and uses a mathematical refining algorithm to formulate a working solution for the specific aircraft involved.